Yooooooooo suppy sup! I am sorry for not posting for over a month! I very much am.

So on with the show! I wanted to say that I don’t know if dolls are my thing anymore, as sad as it is so say. I mean, I used to LOVE them with a passion, but now thats kind of slipped away. I met so many amazing people and I really honestly donnot want to give them up. So. I need your help.

How can I get back into them? I am not just going to give up this expirience now, it break my heart if I do!

I know the basic change their clothes and stuff, but it hasn’t worked! Are dolls just not my cup of tea or do I need to do something else. I promise I will not give up on you guys 🙂


Luv ya!


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New Caroline pics!

I have more pics of Caroline. The stupid camera is being stupid and not loading onto the computer, so here are some webcam pics 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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Stay safe!

Hey guys, and as you know Hurricane Sandy is coming! This is going to be a bad one so take your dolls wherever you go so they can stay safe. I hope you stay safe and sound, the hurricane will be hitting me and very badly as well, so I may not be able to post for a while :(. Well I would love to here your hurricane story, so comment if you would like to talk about it. So watch some news, sleep in your basement and think on the bright side, NO SCHOOL :)! Yeah not a big bright side but whatevs.

         Please stay safe (again but I mean it, I love all my readers)

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New Doll and New News

My lovely Caroline, is here! Well, I didn’t actually order her, I bought her. From the American Girl Place Washington, DC. I also bought a brush (DESPRETLY NEEDED) and the two tone glasses for my dolls to share. Now back to Miss Caroline.Her eyes are just gorgeous. You really need to see them in person to actually get the whole concept but, take my word, their beautiful. I am modernizing Caroline, as I do with all my historicals. She will still love sailed and all that little shin dig going on with her. So, she will be a mix of tom boy and girly. She looks suprisingly good in pink though, but today were photoshooting, and I will putting different outfits on her. We are also having a halloween sleepover with the dolls tonight, so look for photos!

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Exact days and detials!

So,  I am going to the American Girl Place Washington, DC on Friday the 18th I think. I don’t know if it the right date but it is not tomorrow but the next Friday! I will be leaving for Virginia in a week and spending the night with my grandmom’s friend and cousin, so that’ll be fun. The thing is though that last time I went I was very rushed but now I can take my time and lucky my cousin is the slowest shopper in the history of slowest shoppers so it works out pretty well, haha! I will be getting a doll there that some of you may know which one, but some of you don’t so we’ll keep that a surprise for now :). Also I will do a trip report for you, and I am so excited for you all to see it!


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Fall celebration!

Yay! Its fall my second favorite time of year! I have been nominated 3 times in the past 2 weeks as well! Im sorry but that is you know its alot of questions and stuff, so yeah. I am also going to the American Girl Place Washington, DC! I plan on getting a doll (Im not telling xD) and I think we are going in the middle of the month. Im not totally sure since my cousin and aunt are coming, and my aunt needs to look at the work schuduele but we think then as of now :). Dance. Yes dance. I am totally busy with it! I have to apply to things, etc., etc. so I’m pretty busy. Thats all for now! Pretty random xD

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Calling all dancers

Just created an awesome new blog, call Dance; Forever and Always. Its on blogger because I might need to post some videos, so go check it out, comment follow, email your fellow dancer friends xD! My name is Caroline on there because its my real name and I felt like using it. http://www.theforeverandalwaysdancer.blogspot.com

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My thoughts on Caroline and some of her collection

 She has nice hair.  I hate the color though. I would of loved a red head but whatever. The thing is that alot of girls under 8 get AGs and this doll would be practically DEAD within 2 days. Her hair would be in knots. Her dress would be stained. Now 9 and above, thats a different story. I love her. I make no sense.

I hate bonnets. I personally hate bonnets. I love the doll strongly dislike her collection.

This reminds me of that retired swimsuit thing. Its okay, but seirously would a girl from the 1800’s really where this?Its cute! Overpriced but cute!This bed is a dissapointment. A true dissapointment. I expect better AG.

 Oh and for the dresses. Her shoulders are going to sweat like crazy.

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This is the Gracies Best Friend raffle-virtual contest! You will win the honor to be Gracie (MYAG 23) best friend! Please keep in mind you will have to PM me your adress because Gracie will be sending you letters and some other little goodies such as really cute jeans I sewed or something! The best part is you can send letters back 2! So the contest is on until 8:02 ET, there is some rules though

Please keep in mind that you must give out your adress!
Gracie does not want a BFF who brags!
Please no rude or mean comments to the winner
Basically you get it, all you do is comment on this saying your intrests, sports, you know, like a mini biography. Me and Gracie will decide the top 5 put them in a bag and raffle the winner out!

If you follow my blog you get 3 extra entries
If you comment on my new blog post 1 extra entry

Thanks and ready-set-go!  This was also posted on the AGFMB, but you can enter here as well!

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So sorry!

You might hurt me. But. I started school and stuff. But I was bout ta post this weekend and then my brother pulled me out, so what kinda stuff do you guys want?

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